industrial TWINBAND Vertical Sawmill

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The TV2000 is an efficient and robust twin vertical saw for small to medium diameter logs up to 4,8m in length. It is designed to break the log into a two-sided cant.

The mechanised log loader allows for a single operator to rotate each log to the optimal position and then place it onto the moving sharp-chain.

While moving through the blades, the log is held stable by multiple pressure feed rollers from the top, giving it unrivaled stability in the cut. The operator may select the desired cutting size and the machine will automatically adjust to that size in a fraction of a second, making it possible to saw unsorted logs, although Investing in log sorting capability increases log throughput and recovery.

Once through the blades, multiple side pressure rollers engage the log on the oufeed, further reducing the chance of the log moving during the sawing process. Once clear of the blades, the side pressure rollers release, and the two slabs drop down, typically onto a slab cross-feed for further processing. The cant will continue straight, and be pneumatically kicked off and conveyed to the next step in the sawing process.

The TV2000 is ideal for pallet mill and stud mill operations, where the product has relatively small cross-sectional dimensions.


• Feed speeds up to 40 m/min
• Compatible for blades sizes 32 mm – 80 mm
• Log diameters from 120 mm – 400 mm
• Heavy duty construction for high strain sawing
• Automated log loading system onto the spiky chain
• Electronic cut size control

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TV2000 Specification

 Min log diameter 120mm
 Max log diameter400mm
 Max log length 3m
 Blade width 32mm - 80mm
 Blade kerf 2.5mm
 Main saw motors 22kW or 30kW (30HP or 40HP)
 Feed motor 2,2kW (3HP)
 Feed speed 0 - 40m/min (motor and blading dependant)
Electronic variable feed speed control
 Feed type Sharp chain
 Band wheel diameter 780mm
 Band wheel width 30mm to 78mm (customer specific width)
 Sizing method High precision electric leadscrew
 Saw tensioning Hydraulic with spring
 Hold downsWith shock absorbtion
 Optional extras Log Deck Infeed
Slab Cross-feed
Cant Cross-feed / Cant Roller Table
Sawdust Extraction Hoods