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The WM4000 is the ‘next generation’ in thin-kerf sawmilling. The WM4000 combines the profitability enhancements of thin-kerf blades with productivity advances in automated sawing technology to create an ideal solution for any sawmill. 

Only one operator is needed to manage log handling, sawing, and timber removal for further processing making the WM4000 a highly profitable machine. The WM4000 adapts easily for whatever cutting requirements are needed and delivers higher log yield at lower investment and operating cost than alternatives, increasing profitability and ability to produce diverse products quickly. 

The WM4000 can be used as a standalone sawmill to process all required materials, or as an addition to an existing sawmill to process irregular logs or to produce custom orders that existing equipment is not suited for. 

The advanced PLC setworks are displayed on a 19 cm touch-screen monitor which presents board and cant sizes along with current head height, feed position, and blade power. The setworks feature new ways of increasing productivity and reducing steps required in the sawing process, including remembering the start and stop locations of the log to reduce unneeded head movement. A built-in powered board conveyor automatically turns itself off after moving a board or cant from the sawmill. 

The log bed is heavily constructed - reinforced with 50% more steel than the WM3500. Servo motors ensure faster and accurate head positioning, resulting in more timber cut in each shift. Powerful hydraulic log handling enable easy manipulation of large logs and several options are available to meet your requirements.

Equipment WM4000

Advanced Touch-screen Setworks
Wood-Mizer’s most efficient and powerful industrial PLC setworks system.

Operator Station

Operator Station
Standard raised platform gives operator clear view of work. Optional enclosure.

Heavy Duty Bead

Heavy Duty Bed
50% more steel than the WM3500 bed.

2 Bi-directional Chain Turners
Quickly turn and position the log with the heavy-duty turners.

Board Removal Conveyor
Automatically activates when board is being removed.

Power Roller

Optional Power Rollers
Position the log on the sawing bed and remove cants quickly.

WM4000 video



Standard 22 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Length 6.5 m
(with board removal)
6.3 m
Diameter 910 mm
Max. clamp width
(from stop block)
660 mm
Min. clamp width
(from stop block)
50 mm
Max. throat width
(guide to guide)
830 mm
Max. cant width
(outer guide to stop block)
740 mm
Max. cutting depth
at 61 cm wide
130 mm
Max. cutting depth
at 56 cm wide
330 mm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
Standard Touch screen Setworks
Servo motor up / down
Power feed
Electric blade guide arm
Automatic blade lubrication
Roller & double block blade guides
Laser sight
Blade tension
Options Debarker
Pantograph System
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
Standard Heavy-Duty bed
Power spiky roller
Taper rollers
Hold-down clamps
2 bi-directional chain turner
3 vertical side supports
Options Loading arms
Enclosed operator cab
Standard Hydraulic 7.5 kW hydraulic pump
Tables (optional) Sawmill Log Deck 3.6 m
Sawmill Log Deck 6.0 m
Inclined Conveyor
Transfer Deck
Length 4.98 m
Width 38 mm
Blade Wheel diameter 635 mm
Blade wheel material Belted cast steel
Sawmill Requirements
Power requirements 400 V / 50 Hz, 3 Ph
Shop air supply 110 psi
Dust collection port size 150 mm

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