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The Wood-Mizer WM1000 saws large softwood, hardwood and tropical logs up to 1.7 metres in diameter. This sawmill uses narrowband, thin-kerf blades to deliver higher log yields than traditional large-log sawing methods. 

Heavy-duty, accurate, and easy-to-use, the WM1000 features a massive cutting head that moves along a twin-rail frame to convert large logs into halves, quarters, finished boards, or cants for resawing. The operator controls all cutting functions while standing on a platform that moves with the head and includes electronic setworks for accurate cutting. 

The WM1000 uses thin-kerf, narrow band blades that are 50 mm to 75 mm wide, resulting in significantly improved log yield and less wood waste. 

Built to last and run effortlessly in industrial applications, it easily integrates into existing operations with low installation costs. Simply extend the rails to cut longer logs.

wm1000 equipment

Computer Setworks

Electronic Setworks
Increases productivity and accuracy using powerful Setworks to quickly position the head for the next cut.

Operator station

Ride-along operator station
Moves with the head for close, safe observation during cutting.

Cleaning System

Multi-point Blade Wheel Lubrication & Cleaning
A sawdust scraper and a heavy-duty lubrication pad cleans and lubricates the contact surface of the blade wheels.

Blade lubrication system

Blade lubrication
The two-sided blade lubrication system cleans and lubricates the blade.

Hydraulic blade tension

Hydraulic blade tension
Ensures constant tension during cutting.

double block blade guide

Double-block blade guides
The use of double-carrying blocks reduces vibration and ensures proper support of the blade while cutting.

WM1000 video

WM1000 Customer videos


Standard 22 kW electric
Options 30 kW electric
37 kW electric
Head Drive
Power Feed 1.1 kW electric
Head Up/Down 0.75 kW electric
Blade Guide Motors 2 x 0.25 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
Length only limited by rail length
Max. Diameter 1.7 m - No bed
1.18 m - Manual bed
1.63 m - Manual bed with rail support system
Min. Diameter 500 mm (manual bed)
Min. width of cut 200 mm
Max. width of cut 1700 mm
Height above blade 980 mm
Sawmill Head Features & Options
Standard Ride-along operator station
Power up/down
Power feed
High performance blade guides
Hydraulic blade tension system
Two-sided blade lubrication
1070 mm diameter steel blade wheels
Sawmill Bed Features & Options
Log on ground Rails 2 x 10 m long (optional)
Rails 2 x 5 m long (optional)
Manual log bed Dual sided adjustable wedge clamps
Rails 2 x 10 m long (optional)
Rails 2 x 5 m long (optional)
Raised rails 2 x 10 m long (optional)
Raised rails 2 x 5 m long (optional)
Length 9.83 m
Width 50 - 75 mm
Blade Wheel diameter 1070 mm
Blade wheel material Crowned steel
Sawmill Requirements
Normal power usage 400 V AC; 50 Hz; 3 Ph

WM1000 Bed Configurations

log on ground log on cant

Log on the ground
A log of 1.7m diameter can be cut in the centre or sawn through and through with the log on the ground. The thickness of the last board is limited by the height of the rails and is 300mm. This can be reduced if the log is raised off the ground by laying it on bolsters or 'dunnage' - in which case the maximum log diameter is reduced by that amount (see image above showing example of raising log by 200mm to achieve a final board thickness of 100mm).

log on manual bed log on manual bed

Log on Manual Bed
A log of 1.18m diameter can be cut in the centre or sawn through and through when the manual bed is used with the WM1000 in standard configuration. An optional rail support system is available, which raises the sawmill so that a log of 1.63m diameter can be cut. The thickness of the last board is 235mm (this is due to the difference between the height of bed and the height of the rail support system).

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