The world standard manual mill now cuts wider logs

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Cut Wider Logs Economically

The LT15WIDE was designed for those who need to cut wider logs economically. Standard features are the same as the LT15, but the LT15WIDE cuts up to 900mm (36") logs and also features:

• Heavier and wider bed frame
• Rollers on all 6 side supports
• Reinforced side supports
• Taller and heavier head supports


LT15WIDE Crank Feed

Crank Feed
Turn the crank to easily move the head through the log.

LT15WIDE Head Up Down

Head Up/Down
A Quick turn of the handle moves head up/down effortlessly.

LT15WIDE Sits Low

Sits Low to Ground
Requires minimal lifting of the log.

LT15 Power Log clamps

Log clamp
Secures logs and allows you to cut as low as 25 mm from the bed.

LT15WIDE Side Supports

Six Side Supports
Three of the six side supports have NEW heavy-duty rollers to assist with log turning.

lt15WIDE Easy Shipping

Easy Shipping and Assembly
Estimated 2-4 hours assembly time.

LT15WIDE Video


Options 18.6kW (25HP) Gas
12.7kW (17HP) Diesel
7.5kW (10HP 1Ph) Electric
7.5kW (10HP 3Ph) Electric
11kW Electric
Cutting Capacity
Length 5.4 m
Diameter 91 cm
Sawmill Informations
Production Capability Up to 0.88m3/hr
Weight 689kg
Width 32 mm