MaxFLEX Wood-Mizer Blades

The MaxFLEX sawmill blade features premium quality steel, chosen by Wood-Mizer to outperform competitors and maximise performance for sawmill customers. 

The specialized alloy provides longer blade flex life and increased durability. This premium quality blade will provide sawmill operators high performance results at an exceptional value.

The MaxFLEX blades is now available with VORTEX® technology.

Raw material Profile Thickness / Width (mm)
BM1735 10/30 1.00 x 35
BM2732 10/30 1.07 x 32
BM2735 10/30 1.07 x 35
BM3732 10/30 1.14 x 32
BM3738 10/30 1.14 x 38

Wood-Mizer Blades
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