ReSharp Service

Leave blade sharpening to the experts. 

Many of Wood-Mizer’s distributors offer our full ReSharp service, where your blades are not only sharpened, but completely re-manufacture them to like-new quality again. The same machines used to produce blades on Wood-Mizer’s production lines are used by our ReSharp locations. Each blade is sharpened using the best CBN grinding technology, along with computerised tooth setting to ensure accuracy and straight, smooth cuts. 

Customer Blade Maintenance Package 

Wood-Mizer has developed a range of sharpening equipment to suit your needs from basic sharpeners to industrial high production sharpeners. For customers unable to benefit from a Re-Sharp Service, we have a Blade Maintenance Package that will allow you to recondition your own blades. The blade maintenance system will give you “near” factory results. Our sharpening and setting equipment has been carefully designed to be the best balance between low-cost, excellent results and long life under difficult working conditions. 

All Wood-Mizer sharpeners utilise super abrasive CBN grinding wheel technology to ensure the best sharpening results. Wood-Mizer manufactures our own CBN wheels, which are pre-shaped to each blade profile, eliminating the need to configure your sharpening stone. When you use a Wood-Mizer CBN wheel to sharpen your blades, you are sharpening them to our factory specifications.

Wood-Mizer Blades
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