Electronic Setworks Systems

Cutting wood on a daily basis requires a lot of measuring and math work, which reduces operator productivity. Wood-Mizer’s electronic Setworks systems take the guesswork out of sawing, and increase recovery and productivity. Using a Setworks system, the sawmill operator does not need to work out the measurements and factor in the amount of wood removed by the blade. All he needs to do is set a required board width, and start cutting.


Accuset significantly increases the operational flexibility provided by Simple Setworks and PLC Setworks. In addition to 16 programmable memories for board thickness, the system also has four operational modes.

  • Manual Mode - The system operates purely manually.
  • Auto up/ Auto down mode - Each flick of the up/down switch raise or lowers the head by the programmed amount.
  • Pattern Mode - 16 standard cutting patterns can be programmed into the system.
  • Reference Mode - The system can remember the position of the head on the last cut made on two sides of the cant. 

PLC Setworks

The PLC Setworks is for sawmills equipped with AC up/down motors. The functionality is very similar to that of the Simple Setworks with the capacity for two operator programmable dimensions, which can be selected at the touch of a button. The ability to pre-program frequently used dimensions and instantly recall them increases productivity and accuracy, which, in turn, increases profitability from your sawing operation. PLC Setworks also features upper and lower head limits and an inbuilt calculator, referenced to the bed, to enable you to cut a preset thickness right the way down to the last cut.


The SW-PLC2 Setworks is a sawmill option that automatically lowers the saw head to a preset cutting height. The SW-PLC2 Setworks is based on a programmable logic controller (PLC), a magnetostrictive measuring strip (which reads current saw head heights), a programmable control panel and a rotational speed controller used in asynchronous motors.

SW Setworks

The SW Setworks increases productivity and accuracy using rugged electronics to quickly position the head for the next cut. Available for both AC and DC mills, the SW setworks is easy to use and allows you to change board sizes very quickly, without the need to preprogramme every dimension needed.