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Solo Sawmillers Replace Vertical Saws with Thin-kerf LT15 Running 2 Shifts Daily

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Solo Sawmillers Replace Vertical Saws with Thin-kerf LT15 Running 2 Shifts Daily

At a sawmill just inside the city limits of Solo (Surakarta), in inland East Java, Indonesia, a sawmill company is in the process of decommissioning their vertical bandsaws in the year since they installed a Wood-Mizer LT15 thin-kerf sawmill

“We got the Wood-Mizer LT15 one year ago, and most of our orders are for teak, so we are cutting mostly teak,” shares the sawmill owner. “It cuts teak very well. We use the Wood-Mizer RazorTIP Stellite blades, which are more expensive, but we can cut one full container of teak using one RazorTIP blade - one container equals one blade.”

Wood-Mizer’s RazorTIP blades are designed for cutting tropical hardwoods and many customers throughout Southeast Asia are upgrading to these tougher blades.

“We use the LT15 sawmill for cutting slabs for tables for example, because the allowance is very small.”

One of the main advantages of the LT15 and other Wood-Mizer sawmills is the incredible straightness of the cut and the fine surface quality. Several other sawmills in Surabaya and Solo reported being able to reduce their production processes by a whole step – the surface quality was good enough that they didn’t have to pass the timber through a double-planer, they could simply put the timber directly into the moulder and produce their final product.

The sawmill owner also explained another advantage of the LT15 that his operators appreciate - “One of the advantages of the horizontal Wood-Mizer sawmill versus the vertical bandsaw is that when you cut horizontally the operators can easily see the quality of the log as it’s being cut. With the vertical bandsaw you can’t see it as easily, because you have to look from the side.” 

The company seems to be transitioning well from older sawmilling machinery to newer and more efficient equipment. 

“During the busy season, we operate two shifts daily on the LT15. We export mostly in Australia and in New Zealand—some to Europe.” 



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