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Monday, March 19, 2018

New Delhi sawmiller maximising teak yield with Wood-Mizer

Located in the middle of the New Delhi timber market, Mr. Prakash Gupta, owner of Gurjanwud S.P. Timber, proudly displays a range of fine teak timber products in the main entrance to his office. He runs a Wood-Mizer LT15 sawmill, which uses thin-kerf blades to cut his teak logs that are imported from Africa.

“I have been in the teak wood business for almost 16 years, and I have been in the timber business for almost 40 years,” Mr. Gupta shares. “My Grandfather and Father were also in the timber business.”

Our company’s speciality is in producing wooden beadings, a large variety of mouldings, and door frame mouldings. We basically manufacture and supply our products to our distributors.” The sawmill is a hive of activity as each worker is busy with his task, whether it be transporting logs, or classifying and bundling the final product for shipment and sale.


Our logs first come in as a rough cant. First, we cut the logs into planks. Then the boards are cut down to the right size for the beading or moulding needed. Then the beadings and mouldings are produced and bundled. During the bundling process, any pieces with defects are trimmed down and then rebundled.


The LT15 sawmill is equipped with additional bed sections that make the sawmill longer, enabling Mr. Gupta’s workers to cut longer logs, or simply to increase their production level by loading two logs at a time on the bed. Boards can be offloaded from one cant while the sawmill is busy cutting the other one.


I used to work with the machinery and I would be done earlier in the day. Now, I mainly sit in the office and manage the company,” Mr. Gupta shares. “The truth is that I have always been fascinated by machinery and especially new technology. That is why I chose Wood-Mizer. Wood-Mizer sawmills deliver perfect sawing results, and the operational costs are low.”


“Wood-Mizer sawmills are a good investment,” Mr. Gupta continues. “The return on investment for the LT15 was about 2 years.


According to Bobby Joseph, country manager for Wood-Mizer in India, more and more sawmillers are following Mr. Gupta’s example to improve profitability – “I have experiences with customers where they, in order to produce a 5mm thick piece, first a 10 mm piece is sawn in the traditional mill, then they use the double-side planer… then they do the sanding… which means the waste is 50%! The same customer now has purchased the Wood-Mizer Horizontal multi-head resaw, in which 6.0 mm thick sections are sawn (instead of the 10mm), then sanded and finished. Now the saving per sawn section is 4.0 mm.”

Bobby continues, sharing that last year was Wood-Mizer’s best in India so far – “The growth of Wood-Mizer in India is mainly due to some factors – 1) We give simple but effective solutions to customers, 2) The advantage we offer in terms of higher recovery, 3) The strong service backup we offer to our customers, and 4) Our blades are much cheaper per cubic metre compared with any other imported sawmill, which gives a big advantage to the customer. Per cubic metre cost is much lower, and recovery is much higher. These are aspects that customers definitely look at. And that is exactly the reason why we are growing.”

Mr. Gupta shared this advice for other sawmillers and wood producers in India - “My advice to other wood businesses is that they have to go for sawmills like Wood-Mizers, mainly because the wood wasted by traditional mills is very high and there is very little accuracy.”


“Wood-Mizer sawmills are a perfect solution for customers looking for a higher recovery,” Bobby shares. “Somebody who is importing timber like teak, Wood-Mizer can help to get a little more from the timber they have imported... For the customers who are looking for a higher yield, we proudly offer the thin-kerf technology as the solution.”



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