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Meet ElectroRef, Wood-Mizer’s Authorized Dealer in Sri Lanka

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Meet ElectroRef, Wood-Mizer’s Authorized Dealer in Sri Lanka

EletroRef Engineers in Colombo, Sri Lanka have been Wood-Mizer's authorized dealer in Sri Lanka many years. Their experience and success give sawmillers in Sri Lanka confidence that their needs will be looked after - before and after the sale.

“Our company directors were visiting the USA when they happened to see a Wood-Mizer sawmill in use,” Raju shares. “They realized the potential for Sri Lanka, and when they returned we discussed the idea together. We agreed it was a good idea, because in the old days it was normal to use circular saws that had a ¼” kerf – waste, whereas with a Wood-Mizer, your cutting width is only around 3mm.”

They set up their own sawmill. “We produce planks, doors, windows, door frames… so we don’t cater to only one specific type of customer,” Raju says. “We have various types of customers from all over the country who we supply to - timber for pantry cupboards, wood components for house construction - all the way up to the northern tip of Sri Lanka. We serve everyone with what they need. Mostly we cut teak, mahogany, Jackwood, etc.”

Better Timber Recovery
“When you cut a log that has a one foot diameter, cutting with our Wood-Mizer sawmill will give you an additional 1” plank, compared to cutting it with a circular saw. That is a lot of wood saved. Normally, the price of one square foot of teak wood is 300 rupees. So if you cut a log that is 12 feet long, you can earn an additional 3,000 rupees, more or less, from that log.” 

Lower Electricity Consumption
“Another savings we have found is with electricity. Traditional sawmills have 25, 30, or 35 hp motors, but with a small Wood-Mizer sawmill you will only need a 10 hp motor. Previously, our electricity bill was around 65,000 -70,000 rupees, but now it is only 30,000 rupees, and that is working 8 hours a day, 24 days per month. So the main savings advantage of Wood-Mizer is of wood and electricity. You will save 60% on electricity and 30% more wood will be saved from your logs. If you have a need to cut timber, use a Wood-Mizer sawmill to do it.” 

“But another important factor to mention is about the reduction in workplace accidents. We have several hundred machines now installed in Sri Lanka, and we have not received any information about accidents involving the sawmills. And with two workers, you can produce 10 cubic metres of timber in a very short time period.”

Timbery Surface Quality & Accuracy
“We’re very happy, and our customers are also, that we are able to produce wood with Wood-Mizer sawmills. If you look at the wood sawn on our sawmills, you will see that the quality is much better than if we cut it on a different sawmill. Sawing logs with other machines results in a lot of waste.” 

“Another thing is the surface finish of wood sawn on a Wood-Mizer – it’s excellent! When you use a different machine to make planks from logs, one end of the plank will be 1 ¼” and the other end will be 1”! But when you saw it with a Wood-Mizer, the customers are very happy that the surface finish and final dimensions are exactly what they were expecting. So customers really appreciate that they are getting what they asked for.”

Sales and customer service for sawmills in Sri Lanka
With such success in their own sawmill, the company became Wood-Mizer’s authorised dealer in Sri Lanka about ten years ago. Sales have been growing year by year. At first, people were hesitant to trust a new technology over the traditional circle or frame sawmills they were accustomed to using. But as more and more sawmillers take advantage of the savings from the thin-kerf technology, sales are rising.

Popular Sawmills
“The LT15 and LT20 nowadays are very popular,” shares Upul Ekanayake, a company director. “Because with the LT15 you do not have very high capacity motors – electricity consumption [is low]. In rural areas, some areas do not have three phase, they only have single phase.”

Customer Support
Crucial to their success has been the sales and service support they offer around the country. “We have a separate sales department, and we have motorbikes for them,” shares Mr. Ekanayake. “They go around and every day they are traveling and taking inquiries and doing service. Our service is good, that is why we have survived.”

Contact Details:

Wimal Jayawardhana
No.74, Lesley Ranagala Mawatha
08, Colombo,
Borella, Sri Lanka
+94 77 7326641



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