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Monday, January 28, 2019

Malaysian Company Upgrades to Faster & More Productive Thin-kerf Sawmill

Jazlan Gazali’s grandfather started the family sawmill business in 1953 in Kelantan, Malaysia. In 1969, the company moved to the state of Terengganu, where it remains to this day. 

Jazlan inherited the family business, and has two sons working with him, whom he expects will continue the business he has worked to modernize to a more efficient and effective operation.

Gone are the giant bandmills and huge circular blades. In 2014, Jazlan purchased the LT70 Remote sawmill from Wood-Mizer. Made in Europe and the USA, with some new resaws and pallet machinery being produced in Taiwan specially designed to meet Asian sawmiller’s requirements, Wood-Mizer’s machinery assist sawmillers to recover more usable timber from every log, while being safer, requiring fewer workers and boosting productivity. 

“I installed the Wood-Mizer sawmill to modernize my company and use modern ways of cutting sawn timber,” Jazlan says.

“The LT70 bed is fully hydraulic and is easily controlled by one operator from the control station,” Jazlan shares. “The operator stands at the control station and controls cutting from there, moving sawn boards automatically to the offloading conveyors to the edger. This is a three-man operation to operate the sawmill and the edger, and we can produce good quality sawn timber.”

Jazlan can cut any timbers with the sawmill, by using appropriate Wood-Mizer blades designed for various harnesses and species. 
“Now we are cutting damar hitam [yellow meranti], It’s a medium hardwood,” Jazlan said, pointing out the log he was cutting during our visit to his sawmill. “This log is about 750 mm [30”].” 

Once the sawn boards leave the LT70 sawmill, they are moved by a conveyor and a transfer table to the Wood-Mizer EG300 Twin-Blade Board Edger, where accurately dimensioned edges can be cut depending on the widths of the material and Jazlan’s final timber requirements. With the edger’s setworks, it’s easy to change the final sizes on demand. 

“It is very easy to use because we can choose whatever size we want,” Jazlan says while demonstrating. “Let’s say 2x4, 2x5, 2x6 and all sizes we can easily do it here.” 

Walkthrough video in local Bhasa language:



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