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Articles & Stories

Canadian Experience: Building a Greenhouse

For years, Stan Kujala dreamed of building a greenhouse on his lakeside property in Port Alberni, British Columbia. “My wife and I have been avid vegetable gardeners for...

The LT40 Sawmill History: Sawhead and Control Panel Upgrades

TODAY, the Wood-Mizer LT40 model sawmill created in 1982 is called „legendary” as it forever changed the way people convert logs to timber. It allowed everyday users to produce...

The Emerging Economy of Urban Wood

New York Heartwoods is a woman-owned social enterprise in Warwick, New York. The enterprise was founded in 2010 with the mission to regenerate forest vitality and maximize the...

Wood-Mizer Sawmills and Woodworking Equipment Help Advance Swedish...

Sweden is a country with rich traditions of woodworking and reverence for forests which cover two-thirds of the country. With forests properly maintained, the wood-processing...

How to choose the Best Wood-Mizer TOOLS

Wood-Mizer offers a wide range of tools for carpenters and sawmillers including circular saw blades, cutterheads and cutting knives for moulding and planing, drills, and frame...

Wood-Mizer Blade Spotlight: DoubleHARD

Field tested in demanding sawing applications throughout the world, Wood-Mizer DoubleHARD blades are the flagship and workhorse sawmill blade that sawyers have trusted for...

Revolution on Two Wheels – The Birth of a New Sawmilling Technology

In 2022 we celebrate the 40-year birthday of the famous Wood-Mizer LT40 sawmill that revolutionized the way people mill wood around the world. This orange sawmill with a...

Inspirational Project from Canada: Building a Creek-Side Guest House

Travel across a small footbridge from Andrew Koessler’s main cabin in British Columbia, Canada, and you’ll find his latest creation - a picturesque creek-side guest house...

From Wildfires to Economic Revival: How a Wood-Mizer Sawmill Helps...

Four years after the wildfires in the Val di Susa valley on the border between Italy and France, local cooperative La Foresta heals forest wounds by adding value to wood in all...

Swedish Homestead Series: How to Cut Down a Tree Safely and Precisely

Simeon Fuchs shares safe and proven techniques used by traditional Swedish loggers to harvest large trees. Different techniques are used all around the world for felling...


Welcome to the Newsroom for Wood-Mizer Asia! 

Here you will discover how Wood-Mizer sawmill owners worldwide are actively growing local economies by processing wood more sustainably and profitably. 

I invite you to contact myself to inquire more about Wood-Mizer or any of these articles. 

Robert Moxham - Regional Director - Asia
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