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The EG300 combines the functions of both an edger and a multirip into one machine. The EG300 maximises recovery from each board and increases overall productivity of your sawmill by 20-30%. 

As standard, the EG300 is supplied with two circular sawblades for use as an edger. One blade is fixed and the other is adjustable from the operator control console - using the electronic Setworks system to accurately pre-set the required width of the board. Optional lasers can be installed to assist the operator in determining the precise width for maximum recovery. 

The EG300 comprises three main components - the main saw unit, the infeed table and the outfeed table. This modular construction ensures easier transportation, handling and installation. 

Two top rollers make it easy to move a board back to the front of the edger for a return pass. An adjustable fence allows the operator to quickly position boards with an already straight edge. 

Optionally, the EG300 can be fitted with up to five circular sawblades for multirip applications. Four of the blades are fixed for cutting standard widths and the fifth is movable. Changing between edger and multirip operations is simple, and this flexible design allows the operator to react quickly to changing demand. Power feed is variable from 0-20 m/min.


EDGER multirip

Edger and Multirip
Quickly add multirip functionality by adding up to three additional fixed blades.


Standard Setworks
Rugged electronics quickly position the adjustable blade to precise measurements.

Electric motor

Electric motor
15 kW
(18.5 kW optional)

Top Rollers

Top rollers
Make it easy to return boards that require a second pass.

Powered Roller

Powered Rollers
Full width steel rollers grip wet boards firmly without damaging the surface.

Adjustable Fence

Adjustable Fence
Allows you to quickly position boards that already have one straight edge.

EG300 video


 Standard  15 kW electric
 Optional  18.5 kW electric
Cutting Capacity
 Max. Feed width  550 mm
 Max. Cutting width  410 mm
 Min. Cutting width (edging)  60 mm
 Min. Cutting width (mutirip)  20 mm
 Max. Cutting thickness  60 mm
 Min. Cutting thickness  10 mm
 Min. Board Length  700 mm
Edger Features & Options
 Standard  2 circular blades
 Adjustable speed
 Options  Multirip
 Set of 2 lasers
 Outfeed table
 Cant outfeed tailer
Feed System
 No. of Powered rollers  4
 Feed speed  0-20 m/min
 Diameter  350 mm
 No. teeth  24
 Kerf  4 mm
 No. blades  2 standard, max 5
 Blade thickness  3.2 mm
Edger Requirements
 Normal power usage 400 V 50 Hz 3Ph: 70 Amp

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