Wood-Mizer RazorTIP blade Carbide

RazorTip Carbide blades utilize a very hard "triple chip tooth" configuration with an alternating "carbide" raker tooth that can withstand the hardest of hardwoods and provide a very smooth finish.

RazorTip Carbide is a tough blade that stays sharper longer in the most difficult sawing conditions such as tropical hardwoods, kiln dried lumber, engineered wood, and more abrasive materials.

Wood-Mizer RazorTIP blade Stellite

Wood-Mizer’s RazorTip blade is tipped with Stellite® teeth, and is specifically designed for extreme hardwood cutting. When other blades dull with only a few cuts, the RazorTip Stellite® tipped blade is just getting started. 

When you need a blade for tough, abrasive woods, Wood-Mizer's RazorTip blade meets the challenge.

Raw material Profile Thickness / Width (mm)
BR2732 7/34, 10/30 1.07 x 32
BR3732 7/34, 10/30 1.14 x 32
BR3738 7/34, 7/39, 10/30 1.14 x 38
BR4738 7/34 1.40 x 38
Wood-Mizer Blades