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Growing Indonesia Furniture Producer Replacing Old Machinery with Modern Sawmills

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Growing Indonesia Furniture Producer Replacing Old Machinery with Modern Sawmills

Doddik Sulistiono is the owner of Citra Fajar Utama - a wood processing and furniture manufacturing company in the Klaten region of Central Java, Indonesia.

“We process sonokeling [Indian rosewood] and jati teak,” Mr. Sulistiono shares, “Into various products such as decorative moulding profiles, guitar material, laminated boards. We also are producing furniture from sonokeling and jati teak. We supply to Starbucks locations throughout Indonesia for table tops.”

In addition to local demand, the company also exports their timber and furniture to China, South Korea and Taiwan. 

“Our production process begins with cutting our logs on the sawmill, and then measuring out sizes for the boards.”

The company was using the traditional vertical bandsaws for all their log breakdown. They began to look for other options and tried out a Wood-Mizer sawmill. They were so impressed with the surface quality and recovery, they bought three Wood-Mizers – an LT15 and two LX100 sawmills.

“Why do I use Wood-Mizer?” Mr. Sulistiono explains. “It’s because log prices are really expensive nowadays. We need to save more timber from each log, plus we need a better quality surface. So the Wood-Mizer sawmills are really important for our production process.”

“We were able to reduce our costs - especially our production cost dropped after we implemented the Wood-Mizer sawmills. Since we get better surface quality, we don’t have to send the wood through a double planer anymore.”

Richard Soegitanto, one of Wood-Mizer’s agents in Indonesia shares more: “The information we’ve got from the customer when they use the Wood-Mizer machine is that they can get recovery of 15-18% more than the traditional bandsaw. So now we have a lot of LT15s and LX100s installations in the market. By using the Wood-Mizer they can get a better surface, and they skip the process of double-planing. 

“They are using RazorTIP blades, because as you know sonokeling and Indonesian rosewood is hard timber. And they are very happy with the quality they get. They use [the blade] for about two hours and then they cool it down, sharpen and reuse it again the next day.”
“We can cut around 25-30 cubic meters of timber total with one blade,” Mr. Sulistiono said.

Mr. Sulistiono uses several vertical bandsaws to keep up with order fulfillments, but he is currently building a brand new manufacturing area and plans to continue adding Wood-Mizer sawmills as his business grows. 

“We decided to buy one more LX100 and LT15 sawmill. In the future we plan to buy an LT40 or LT70 sawmill so that our productivity will increase significantly, especially during the log cutting process.”

“In Indonesia nowadays, there is a growing concern about the need for cutting wood wisely and not to cutting wood carelessly, so that our forests and our trees that we process can be continue being available in the future.”

“And for the big trees we still have, we must preserve that resource. We cannot cut carelessly which will be very harmful for ourselves - especially for Indonesians.”



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