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Friday, September 8, 2017

15% more log recovery helps East Java sawmiller compete worldwide

In Gresik, East Java – about 15 kilometres away from Surabaya, we visited a plywood factory and also a woodworking factory where Michael, a local sawmiller and businessman, does sawmilling and kiln drying. The company originally started with Michael’s parents before they passed it on to him at the age of 19.

Michael’s company produces high-end hardwood decking for export to clients in the USA, Europe, Japan and Asia. In additional, he produces flooring and construction materials.

His products are characterised by their extraordinary lengths while maintaining extremely accurate width and thickness along the entire length. Generally, he processes hardwoods with high densities including red balau, merbau, red meranti, and agathis. 

“Every species has its own character. We have to study and learn the character of the timber to produce very good materials. Every timber has a different way of sawing, a different way of kiln drying, and also a different way to process it. This is for me very interesting. 

“Competition is getting tougher, and we are competing with the market worldwide, so we had to think of something new which can support us to go into the worldwide market. We had to think how to make our recovery better, so we chose the Wood-Mizer LT70 sawmill.

“The Wood-Mizer we use as a resaw after the vertical bandsaw has performed the initial breakdown. The LT70 improves our recovery 15% or even more and produces a very even cutting. For example, when we use the vertical bandsaw, then we have to give 6 mm allowance. But with the Wood-Mizer I can save about 3 mm in allowance on every board. So you can imagine how much I save! We save 15%, so we can absolutely compete with the world timber market.

“Normally when you want to produce 100 cubic meters, you have to use 300-400 logs. So when you can save 15%... you can calculate the savings yourself. It is a lot!

In addition to the additional timber recovery from every log, Michael reports that his power consumption for the new sawmill is very efficient. 

“The vertical bandsaw uses around 100 hp. But the Wood-Mizer is only around 30 hp. So that saves us a lot of money.

A common concern in South East Asia is that sawmills need to be able to deal with extremely hard-to-cut wood species. The LT70 successfully runs RazorTIP blades manufactured by Wood-Mizer specifically for this application. 

“I cut all of the wood species without problems. Timber like merbau has a density of about 1,200 kilogram per cubic meter, and we cut merbau without any problem. Before using the Wood-Mizer blade, we tried a lot of types of blades… And we found that Wood-Mizer’s stellite blade is suitable for our needs.

Michael’s LT70 sawmill came complete with electronic setworks that calculates board sizes for the operator, so the operator can focus on maximising his production speed and spend more time making sure quality is maintained at the company’s high standard. As well, all log handling (log loading, log turning and clamping) is done easily from a hydraulic control box.

“I bought the wireless remote so that it would be easy for me to operate the machine myself. For my operator, it is also more easy to operate. It’s also very strong and has no problem for three tonne logs. We already tried it.

“The Wood-Mizer sawmill doesn’t give us any problems. And if so, it’s very easy to settle. Support from the Indonesian agent is very good. So this is important for us. If no support, no good!

“This is my family business, so I must run this business as good as I can, so that is why I buy Wood-Mizer!”


High resolution photos with captions: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/geoi6ug81es7xhb/AACwjuKezGXOXY5TPIZ2U_ofa?dl=0



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