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Articles & Stories

Wood-Mizer’s new twin rail LX450 sawmill transforms a sawmill in...

A Wood-Mizer LX450 twin rail sawmill in South Africa helps increase the company’s output more than expected.

15% more log recovery helps East Java sawmiller compete worldwide

Visit an exotic hardwood decking factory in Indonesia which recently upgraded their sawmill to increase material recovery from every log and reduce costs.

Indonesian factory Uses Wood-Mizer LT20 Sawmill to Boost Profits

Indonesian company cutting exotic hardwoods using a Wood-Mizer LT20 sawmill is boosting their sales in China and Japan.

Family tree farm reaping rewards of sustainable forest management...

Marco, Mario, and Mara run one of the largest private sustainable hardwood plantations in the Philippines, MARSSE Tropical Timber, promoting sustainable timber and modern...

Turning illegally-logged timber into 146,000 school desks in the...

How the Philippines developed a plan to salvage illegally-logged timber that was left rotting after being apprehended by authorities, using the valuable timber to produce...

How one small sawmill can be a catalyst for positive change in the...

Glen Chapman tells how one small sawmill in Congo has provided opportunity to improve lives in amazing ways.

Building a King’s vision for the future of Bhutan

Commissioned by the King of Bhutan, an ambitious academy is under construction on a mountaintop in the Himalayas that will introduce new educational methodology for the...

Bhutan’s GNH forestry policies changing sawmilling across the...

Interviews with Bhutan’s forestry ministry, corporate officials, sawmillers and builders alike reveal that the Himalayan country’s happiness-focused policies are causing big...

Philippine company upgrades to the WB2000 sawmill to improve...

LA UNION QUALITY TIMBER MANUFACTURING CORP. (LATIMCO) upgraded to Wood-Mizer’s new WB2000 wideband sawmill to process Southeast Asian hardwoods into timber for export and for...

Wood-Mizer TITAN wideband sawmills announced

Wood-Mizer Asia is now offering a full range of high-throughput wideband sawmill equipment.


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