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Articles & Stories

Building a King’s vision for the future of Bhutan

Commissioned by the King of Bhutan, an ambitious academy is under construction on a mountaintop in the Himalayas that will introduce new educational methodology for the...

Bhutan’s GNH forestry policies changing sawmilling across the...

Interviews with Bhutan’s forestry ministry, corporate officials, sawmillers and builders alike reveal that the Himalayan country’s happiness-focused policies are causing big...

Philippine company upgrades to the WB2000 sawmill to improve...

LA UNION QUALITY TIMBER MANUFACTURING CORP. (LATIMCO) upgraded to Wood-Mizer’s new WB2000 wideband sawmill to process Southeast Asian hardwoods into timber for export and for...

Wood-Mizer TITAN wideband sawmills announced

Wood-Mizer Asia is now offering a full range of high-throughput wideband sawmill equipment.

Thin-kerf sawmilling gaining ground in Asia

Modernisation, maximising yield from valuable imported timber, and reducing waste and operational costs are top reasons for the rising popularity of thin-kerf sawmills, as...

Sri Lankan timber yard busy with domestic orders

A Sri Lankan sawmiller reports saving operational costs and improving log yield by relying on Wood-Mizer thin-kerf sawmills in his business.

African sawmill concluding efficiency upgrade with Wood-Mizer TITAN

One of the largest sawmills in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, UCL Sawmill has almost completed a two-year equipment transition to Wood-Mizer’s TITAN wideband and...

Wood-Mizer Titan delivers constant growth for Patula Products

A Wood-Mizer Titan sawmill line that was installed in 2013 at Patula Products Sawmill in South Africa, has grown the sawmill into a major supplier of structural timber in South...

New Delhi sawmill getting more from their logs in India and Africa

A sawmiller with operations both in India and Africa reports saving operational costs and improving log yield by relying on Wood-Mizer’s thin-kerf LT15 sawmill in his business.

Introducing new sawmilling technology to Bhutan

Mr. Passang is an experienced Bhutanese sawmiller and woodworker who describes in this interview how he introduced new sawmilling technology to Bhutan to help other sawmillers...


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